Nickel City Insurance and Aviva Insurance Offer First Of its Kind 3 Way Water Protection in Sudbury

The water protection insurance coverage is the first of its kind in Ontario and Canada– available as an endorsement to personal property insurance policies that have sewer back-up protection in place as most home owner policies don’t cover water damage.

The devastating floods in Alberta and the Toronto area in 2013 highlighted a key environmental truth – our country is getting wetter. Average yearly rainfall in Canada has increased by 12% in the past 60 years, with 20 more days of rain a year since the 1950s. And catastrophes like overland flooding are on the increase. According to Environment Canada, severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years can now be expected to happen every six years.

Aviva’ new overland water coverage through Nickel City Insurance is designed to protect individuals from fresh water flood damage – protection that’s not currently available to residential property owners.

The overland water endorsement responds to losses that result from the accumulation or run off of surface waters, including torrential rainfall when water enters the property.

The endorsement forms a key part of the Aviva Water Protection package, which combines base policy water protection (broken water pipes and more), sewer back-up protection (the backing up or escape of water or sewage) and overland water protection (from water entering the property).

Nickel City Insurance Broker’s goal is to make this type of water coverage accessible and affordable for majority of our customers in Sudbury and across Ontario


FIRST TO OFFER – Overland  Water Protection Insurance


Canada now has 20 times the storms and floods we had 10 years ago and 12 % more rainfall.

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5 Reasons to Choose Water Protection Insurance:
  • It’s your best protection from overland water.
  • Sewer back-up coverage is not enough.
  • Aviva Water Protection is widely available.
  • Premiums are affordable.
  • It is protection you need.