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IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that rewards your safe driving habits with great savings at renewal. You can earn up to 30% savings on your auto policy, with riskier habits resulting in higher premiums*.

New customers save 10% just for signing up!

Take the Driver’s Seat

With IntelliDrive installed on your smartphone, your safe driving can now earn you great savings.*

Learn about Safe Driving

IntelliDrive can help you and your family learn to be safer drivers with tips on driver safety.

Streaks are a fun way to...

Rack up distraction free streaks by taking consecutive drives without interacting with your phone.

How does IntelliDrive work?

  • IntelliDrive uses an app on smartphones to capture data.
  • Better driving habits = a better premium.
  • The app captures data over a 90-day period based off your driving performance and gives you a rated score.
  • Simply drive and the app will automatically detect your trip.
  • Your score along with the other participating drivers on the policy will determine your insurance rate when your policy renews.
  • The app captures data over a 90-day period based off your driving performance and gives you a rated score.

Key Program Details

By adopting safe driving habits, you could save up to 30% on your car insurance.

Enrollment Discount

- 10% Discount applies to New Business for all coverages including End't OIAB (PPA only) when enrolled in the program

- In force welcome to join (Enrollment discount only applies at renewal)

Assessment Period

- 90 Day Assessment

- A minimum of 800 KMs are needed for assessment

Driving Results

- Tracked in app

- Emails during evaluation period

- All driving info is easily displayed for driver

Terms & Conditions

- Broker obtains consent for use of emails and phone numbers

- Terms and Conditions included on the app & in the policy declaration pages


Individual Drivers can opt out up to 60 days from enrollment

Rewewal Rating

- Safe drivers save up to 30%, while riskier drivers may result in a premium increase up to 10%.

- Based on driving score of all enrolled drivers in the household


- Smartphone app used

- Follow the driver in real-time, not the vehicle

Driving Behaviors

- Hard Braking
- Rapid Accelleration
- Time of the day
- Speeding
- Distracted Driving

How IntelliDrive Benefits you:

  • IntelliDrive uses an app on smartphones to capture data.
  • Learn techniques & tips to become a safer driver
  • Stay on track of your score with the ability to alter your trips from Driver to Passenger
  • Something the whole family can be a part of
  • Don’t like your score? Retry after 90 days
  • Reduce distracted driving
  • Safer drivers get greater savings
  • See all your trips taken to monitor & track your driving performance

Your Safety score is based on the following:

Hard Braking

Avoid rapidly decelerating & hard braking. Tip – Do not follow too closely to help prevent the need to stop abruptly


Sudden acceleration will result as an event affecting your score. Tip – Ease on the gas to create a smoother start


The app will monitor your speed. Make sure your speed is in check. Tip – pay close attention to your speedometer

Time of day

Did you know most accidents occur during rush - hour, early morning & late at night? Tip – If possible avoid driving over night


Physically interacting with your phone while behind the wheel is dangerous and will affect your score. Tip – Avoid any engagement with your phone while driving

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