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Insurance is about people!

Our Nickel City Savers work for you and can help you save up to 25% off your auto insurance and even more off your home Insurance.  

Plus with our exclusive group programs, members can save even more!!

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Nickel City Insurance Brokers Inc.. We are a full service Independent Insurance Brokerage with an experienced TEAM of licensed insurance brokers.  Our TEAM works for YOU and not the insurance company.  We will review your needs and help you find the right protection for you and your family with the most competitively priced products. Including property insurance, car/auto, motorcycle & recreational insurance, business insurance as well as our new wealth management division and life insurance division.


Car and Auto Insurance

Offering comprehensive coverage for the auto, motorcycle and recreational vehicles including ATV’s Snowmobiles, RV’s, trailers and watercraft.

Home and Property Insurance

We offer a variety of property insurance options including residential, seasonal and income properties.

Business Insurance

No matter the size of your business, we can offer commercial general Liability, Fleet policies, Bonds & Sureties.

Wealth Management

We provide Life, health & dental benefits as well as financial services.

Our insurance brokers WORK for YOU, not the insurance companies.


Aviva 3 way water protection insurance

Protect your home and belongings from loss or damage.

• Burst water pipes
• Sewer back up

*** and NOW ***

• Water damage from torrential rainfall or run off.


Membership has it’s privileges.

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Are you an active or retired employee of a company or a member of:

• Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

• USW – United Steelworkers

• UFCW – United Food & Commercial Workers

You can be eligible for up to a 20% discount on your home and auto coverage.


my Driving Discount

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Some people have better driving habits than others.

That’s why we have developed a program that rewards good driving behaviour.

With my Driving Discount, you could save up to 25%* off your auto insurance premium.


Proudly Canadian
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For Canadians by Canadians, we’re a company that imagines bigger and better things, which inspires us to think innovatively, evolve, and adapt. Our passion and desire to make a difference is evident in everything we do. By focusing on our customers first, we’ve become one of this country’s leading and most trusted property and casualty insurance companies.

Why Choose Us?

If you have been involved in an auto accident or suffered any type of claim, you have help available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day directly through your insurer’s claims center.
It is always advisable to contact your broker prior to reporting the claim to the insurance company directly.

We have heard the mishaps with purchasing insurance online or through call centres. We are the industry professionals who know how best to protect your family and property. We Work For You and not the big insurance company(ies).

As an independent broker we have access to numerous markets and work hard to bring you what you want and need at the most competitive price. We have also successfully negotiated exclusive group rates that allow you to save more than other brokers, agents or direct writers. Our programs help our insured save up to an additional 20% off home and auto insurance premiums with our Group Insurance Partner Travelers Canada.

Insurance News BLOG

Insurance is about people, protecting their property, their livelihood and their health. Hi, Russell Fraser here from Nickel City Insurances Brokers. While price shall always be a major consideration for all of us, the relationship with your broker is equally as important. At Nickel City Insurance Brokers, we certainly succeed in offering competitive pricing, but equally important, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Knowing you have a trusted advisor working to protect your home, vehicles and life is truly priceless.  Get us working for you today by calling us at 705-566-6715.

Nickel City Insurance Brokers – Better service – Better Rates – better Insurance.


It would appear Spring has finally Sprung!

With the warmer weather upon us, we see the emergence of the clean and detailed summer cars and motorcycles on the road. We also see ourselves and our neighbors begin to clean our windows, yards, driveways, etc. and soon the street cleaners will be out (hopefully anyhow). Spring is associated with cleaning.

Spring is also a great time to review your insurance policies. Do you know what you are covered for and what is excluded? Are you receiving every discount available?

Whatever you drive and wherever you park it in Ontario, we can insure it. Call us today at 705-566-6715 and experience the difference our Nickel City Savers can make!


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